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Behind the Lens: The Impact and Importance of Professional Makeup in Fashion Photography

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

When it comes to fashion photography, there's a lot more at play than meets the eye. One of the key players that often goes unnoticed is the artistry of professional makeup. (HMU)

Each style of fashion demands a unique makeup look. Got a high fashion shoot on the agenda? Expect audacious, geometric makeup designs with daring color schemes. For vintage shoots, we lean into classic styles like the red lipstick and cat-eye combination that never seems to age. Bohemian shoots call for a more natural, fresh-faced look. Simply put, professional makeup has the ability to amplify and bring to life different fashion narratives, allowing the model to fully embody the envisioned style.

But let's not overlook another crucial aspect of professional makeup: its ability to boost a model's self-confidence. When a model feels good about their appearance, they naturally perform better. Professional makeup artists have the ability to enhance a model's features and help them embody their character in a way that exudes confidence - a quality that truly shines in the final shots.

As the saying goes, "the camera never lies," but with the right makeup, it can tell an incredibly compelling story. These stories make their way onto magazine covers and dominate social media feeds, underscoring the transformative power of professional makeup in the world of fashion photography.

So, here's a shoutout to all the skilled makeup artists out there. Your expertise doesn't just complement the photographer's vision; it also empowers models, helping them to truly shine. An image may be worth a thousand words, but with the right makeup, it tells an unforgettable story.

In a nutshell, the collaboration between fashion, makeup, and photography is an integral aspect of fashion photography. When planning your next shoot, don't just focus on the clothes, model, or location. Remember the power of professional makeup. When combined with the perfect fashion elements and a confident model, it has the potential to take your photographs from good to extraordinary.

We use and recommend Josleen Hawas - one of Brisbane's most experienced Hair and Make Up artists. She has helped us with corporate head shots, fashion shoots and Boudoir. Contact Josleen at

Photo: Paris Hart: insta @itsparissssss. HMU: @josleen_mp


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